Summer Internships are 6-8 weeks long. They are a mandatory requirement for the two-year MBA program, and take place during the months of May-July.

Pre-placement Presentations:

Organizations have the option to interact with the students using pre-placement presentations where they brief them about the tasks on offer.


Organizations are welcome to grounds dependent on their comfort and the slot is chosen after conversation with the Student Placements Committee.

Summer Internships Placement Process:

Regularly, the process starts with shortlisting dependent on the resumes of the students. For two-year MBA students, this is generally trailed by bunch measures like GDs.

The final selections are commonly taken on the basis of at least one round of personal interview. The organizations give a list of the chosen students to the Student Placements Committee. Most organizations additionally demonstrate the students whom they need to keep on the holding up list, guaranteeing that both the organizations and the students can settle on the most fitting decision.

Post-placement Process:

Companies send official letters to the candidates through the Student Placements Committee. The HR managers then take over and connect the candidates to their project mentors in the company and take them through the induction process.

Summer Internship Review:

B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies is committed to ensuring that students deliver their best performance during the internships. There is weekly review in which students need to submit their report to the faculty guide which are allotted to them and also at the end of the internship an overall review of the student is done in front of a prescribed panel.

Pre-placement Offers:

Companies have the opportunity to make final job offers to candidates who perform exceptionally well in the internships before the start of the final placement process.