Entrepreneurship club of BKSPMS will help students to turn their ideas and passions into business. And it will help to develop future business leaders. Its goal is to benefit and develop aspiring entrepreneurs as it will act as a platform for applying and exercising skills and thoughts. It will also help to make good pear group that can work on same idea and are of different field, which can bring extra experience on the table.

  • To Train Students to have the appropriate business insights and Entrepreneurship skills.
  • To Cultivate Entrepreneurship skills and values among the students in order to develop knowledgeable and enterprising Graduates.
  • The Club aims to motivate and help all students to have the opportunity to decide if entrepreneurship is something they might want to have in their future.
  • Club arranges some expert lectures and seminars from start-up Founders or from industry experts. They can guide students and Resolve many of the silliest to silliest questions and queries.
  • This Club can help by securing financial and legal help from alumni and other government organizations in future.
Senior Members
Junior Members