The B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies has organized four youth symposiums in January 2016, January 2017, January 2018 & January 2019. It has provided platform to the millennial across the globe for discovering, improving, innovating, identifying and sharing the ways to respond the demands and gaps in different countries. The theme of the First youth summit was on Empowering Youth- Empowering India. The second youth symposium focused upon theme Youth for Sustainable Development in India. The third International Youth Symposium was on the theme, “Youth for a global Change: Initiatives for Sustainable Development. The fourth Youth symposium was on, “Sustainable Development Goals: Achievements, Roadblocks and Way Foreword”. The symposiums throughout different years got great response and have contributed great level for the success of the nation and globe.

International Youth Symposium 2020 :

The 5th International youth symposium was organized on 30-31 January,2020. It brought together Youth from across the globe for an insightful engagement on the Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the United Nations: all this with the core objective to track the efforts, inspire from achievements and to identify the roadblocks to pave the way forward. Around 120 Research papers were received and published.

It was a two day symposium, where on the first day the event was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University Dr. Himanshu Panya. Speakers were invited to give their valuable insights on the Sustainable Development Goals. Presentation rounds were conducted between participants which was followed by a cultural night carried out by BKPMS students. On the Second day, the event was started by panel discussion between the youth from different countries and the event ended up by felicitating the participants, speakers and the students associated with the event.

All in all the symposium brought together the youth from across the globe for series of inspiring and thought provoking conversations exploring the most pertinent issues, the most innovative approaches to creating change and the most impactful ways to learn and collaborate together for solving problems of our nations and for long term and global development.

Event Photos