“The most important tactic in an argument, next to being right, is to leave an escape hatch for your opponent, so that he can gracefully swing over to your side without an embarrassing loss of face.”
-Sydney J. Harris

In our batch 2019-21 , we ,the enthusiastic students of management, have started the DEBATE CLUB for the discussion of each and every issue. We think that debate is the way we can get an easy solution to the hardest problem. If the person is expressing his/her views in a confident manner then the whole world is ready to listen to him/her. In this club , we take an opportunity to express our views or opinions on any issue which is being discussed at that point of time .

  • The main objective of the debate club is to practice how to discuss an issue, which will be helpful for us in future.
  • To express opinions/views on current issues.
  • To join maximum students in a healthy debate so they can confidently give their opinions on an issue.
  • To experience a significant training ground for the development of students like us in communicative abilities with help of the experts.

ONE DEBATE PER WEEK : as the name suggests, we try to keep a debate ,every week on any issue based on current affairs, solution for the unsolved problem etc. We also take help of the seniors and alumni as an expert to give us suggestions.

Senior Club Members

Junior Club Members