Established in 1976, B.K. School is considered one of the prominent B-Schools of Gujarat, where students from different cultures come together master management principles under guidance of experienced faculties and wisdom of great alumni network.

From various events organised during an academic year, Renaissance is considered our flagship event. It is organised in huge and historic Gujarat University campus. A two day vibrant festival orchestrated completely by students, includes cultural night “Panache”, alumni meet “Pal” and other management and fun events.

Events of Renaissance 2020

Panache is the most appealing event which brings together legends, stars, talents and young mavericks on the same interactive platform like never before. It is the talent hunt competition for drama, stand up comedy, dancing, singing, and glamorous fashion walk.


It is the annual meetup of B.K. School where alumni catch up with their friends and batch mates and share their experiences, memories and wisdom with the current year students.


Aarash is our annual magazine and blog incorporating various skills and talents of BKites like article writing, poetry, photography, sketching and many more. It is a platform for budding artists and future talent. Keeping current worldly affairs in mind, we try to be educative, entertaining and responsible as possible.

Dalal street:

The event is designed to give the participants a chance to test their knowledge and tact regarding market and trading.

The participants will have to do trading of shares the traditional way. Companies will have booths at a stock exchange and participants will trade with each other through these companies’ booths.


The event is basically an auction which is designed to occur in various rounds to assess the risk- taking abilities, estimation, judgement and decision-making skills of the participants.


Roadies is a collection of Physical/mental management games to test the acumen, skills and knowledge of the Participants.

  • Round – I & II (two tasks)

    This level will be based on physical tasks, where each team will be given strength based tasks and accomplishing all those will help them step to the next level. The events will be disclosed on the spot.

  • Rules of level – III (one task)

    The shortlisted teams will take part in “on the spot activities” this could be game, puzzle, physical task or a mix of these, where they will perform as per the instructions to win the Tag of – “College Roadies”

I Am SherLocked
  • Round 1: Treasure Hunt

    In first round clues would be given to the participants and they would have to find that particular place by deciphering the clues given

    Venue: Gujarat University Campus

  • Round 2: Observation Round

    The participants selected from the first round would be given around 20-25 minutes to observe a room and would have to answer a few questions in order to test their observational skills.

  • Round 3: Murder Mystery

    A simulated crime scene would be arranged to test observation and skills of the participating teams and then the winning team will be declared.

Blab it! :

This event is aimed at assessing the public speaking skills, confidence and clarity of thoughts of a participant.

  • Round 1

    It would be an extempore round where participants Would pick up a chit to get a topic to speak on.

    Each participant would get 2 minutes time to prepare and 5 minutes time to deliver their extempore.

  • Round 2

    In this round, the participant would have to switch between speaking in support of a given point or against it by constantly following the hand gestures made by a coordinator.

Fake it till you make it:

This is a fun event based upon the concepts of HR where the participant has to show their tact and presence of mind in handling situations.

  • Round 1

    The participants have to come with a CV prepared by them, assuming the personality of a fictional character like Harry Potter, Jethalal, Baburao etc.

    The CV brought by the participant should be creative, unconventional and funny.

    The participant will have to introduce themselves as the fictional personality that they assumed and try to justify the CV made by them.

  • Round 2

    In the final round, the participant would have to face an interview in which they have to show their wit, tact and presence of mind.

Political Dangal

A simulation of parliament will be organised in the Presence of two-three moderators where the Participants would debate with their political viewpoints.


The event will include operations tasks to measure Participants’ knowledge of the operations field. If you think You’ll be able to solve any operations question, be part of Sanchalan.

Dragon’s den

Under this event, budding entrepreneurs can come up with their start-up ideas and present them before the panel.

Ad Mad

This event is designed to test the advertising skills of the participants.

  • ROUND 1

    Surprise Elimination Round

  • ROUND 2

    Participants would be given a product and they would have to name that product and make a logo out of it. (It should not be a real name)

  • ROUND 3

    They would have to prepare an ad for the product which could be anything display ad, newspaper ad, video ad, billboard ad, etc.

  • Round 1:

    Participants will be given a case study based on that they’ll have to give inputs.

  • Round 2:

    based on the same inputs they’ll be part of a group discussion.

  • Round 3:

    A group exercise will be conducted for each group. For more information watch videos on YouTube about SSB group exercise.


The participants would be given a list of items which they have to obtain by any means (beg, borrow or steal). The participants who would be able to collect the maximum number of items in minimum time would be declared as the winner.


Under this event the participants would contest with Each other in the game of PUBG.

Fun Events
Human Foosball
Gully Cricket
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