“Aarash”- the flagship magazine of B.K. School of Professional and Management studies, is now a legacy which passed from batch to batch each year since the past 11 years. It is the voice of BKSPMS, where each year, with the collaborative efforts of seniors, juniors, faculties and alumnis, Aarash serves as a platform for the students to showcase their literary as well as creative talents.

Each year, Team Aarash strives to bring out the voices and thoughts of the students of BKSPMS, aiming to provide a steady platform where the students can voice out their opinions and spread their knowledge on various themes and topics not only related to the corporate world, but also the beautiful world around us which we normally miss while going through our monotonous routine.

Since, the whole world moves towards Digitalization, Aarash won’t be left behind. Since 2020, Aarash has gone digital, and is striving to create its online presence through blogs, social media and much more.

Aarash not only believes in encouraging writing, but also believes in cultivating creativity and encouraging students to come out of their comfort zones and express their view on the world around us. This is because, we strongly believe that, “Every opinion/view/thought must be valued and listened to”.

Reach us at: bkaarash@bkschool.org.in

Senior Team Aarash