• B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies

  • Over the years, B. K. School has easily adapted to the various changes in the business environment.

  • As a part of Gujarat University, the students also have access to the Central Library of Gujarat University, that houses over 3,35,000 books and can accommodate about 600 readers. The computer center of the school is equipped with the latest IT infrastructure.

    • Dr Biharilal Kaniyalal

      The concurrent changes in commerce and industry requires the management practices to adjust with them at the same pace. B. K. School of Business Management in the last 39 years has tried to match the needs of industry now and then.

      Dr Biharilal Kaniyalal

      Founder, B K School of Business Management

    • Dr Prateek Kanchan

      Hard work and perseverance are keys to success in any endeavor. At B. K. School of Business Management, we have ensured that this dictum gets firmly embedded in our students. We nurture the aspirations of our students by providing a platform to them to enhance their skills and abilities to be able to compete with their counterparts across the globe.

      Dr Prateek Kanchan

      Director, B K School of Business Management

      • Recruiters Corner

        After 42 glorious years of enjoying the faith of the corporate world in our students as well as faculty, expressed through successful final placements and summer internships, B. K. School of Business Management looks forward to continuing the trend in its forty third year.

        Recruiters Corner

      • Recruiters Corner

        Every year, reputed corporates are invited to the campus for summer internships and final placements. The placement brochure, accompanied by a softcopy containing detailed description of the school and its students would act as the recruiter’s guide. Connect with us at placement@bkschool.org.in

        Recruiters Corner

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