Here at BKSPMS, every batch has their class representatives, Selected FROM the students, BY the students and FOR the students to form a CR committee. This committee is renowned for its activeness, constant support, and direct professional contact with faculties and external educators. If you are highly enthusiastic, ambivert, outgoing, calm, and composed; moreover, you are looking forward to learning negotiation in real time; you want to learn how to say no peacefully; you are keen on a leadership role; you want to feel happy to help vibes; and much more than just come around and add a privilege to your name, this is the place for you.

Roles and Responsibility
  • Conveying all the information shared by Professors to the batch and vice-versa.
  • Rescheduling lectures on special occasion like Guest seminar or college events.
  • Looking after smooth running of academic calendar.
  • Ensuring student’s voice is heard on academic matters and no inconvenience is caused.
  • Record keeping of class attendance if request by the subject faculty.
CR Committee Handling Events
CR committee will be part of all the events organized by various committees of BKSPMS and play a significant role in them.

1. Winter school program – BRM SubjectThis is a series of seminar specially arranged for BRM Subject (Sem-2) for 3 days in row in which research experts from different institute come to guide and enlighten students on various research related knowledge. CR committee has to make all the arrangements and coordinate with experts and students regarding venue and timing of session and if required need to reschedule few regular lectures depending on situation.