The Alumni Committee of B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies acts as a link between the B-school and its alumni, alongside the support of B.K. Alumni Association. The committee aims at building and sustaining relationships with the new and existing alumni. They believe that knowledge sharing is of prime importance and that the support of our esteemed alumni would navigate the institution in the right direction, thereby creating a valuable community for the betterment of institution.

Alumni Association Details

The B.K. School Alumni Association was established in 2015 and was registered association under the Trust Act. Since its inception, Alumni Association has organized various events for the students like networking, workshops and seminars. It has also been generously supporting the institution for carrying out events successfully at the B-school. The founding members and office bearers of the Association are:

In addition to the members who have already been part of the Alumni Association, other alumni who wish to get register can contact us on alumni@bkschool.org.in.

Events of Alumni Committee:

PAL is a flagship event of the Alumni committee and hosted annually in association with the B.K. Alumni Association. It marks the end of the annual cultural festival “Renaissance” of BKSPMS. It plays a very important role to strengthen the relationship between the alumni and the students of the current batches. It also helps the alumni to reunite and cherish the joyous and wonderful moments spent together. PAL 2020 which was held on 7 th March 2020, witnessed the presence of over 140+ alumni of the institute. The 13 th edition of the annual magazine of B.K. “Aarash” was unveiled during the event.

5 km FUN RUN

The 5 km Fun run event was started in 2019 and its 2 nd edition of the event was organised by BK Alumni Association along with Alumni Committee of BKSPMS on 19th Jan 2020. All the students of current batch with the Alumni and other enthusiasts around the Ahmedabad joined the run and made it a huge success. This edition of the fun run session began with the Zumba which was followed by 5KM run. The event ended with prize distribution, wherein the first three winners were awarded with the trophy and first 24 runners received medals.


The Alumni committee organised two guest sessions with the support of the B.K. Alumni Association.

The first guest lecture was held on 30.11.2019 and the guest speaker was Mr. Chandresh Lodhiya, M.D. of Anala Outdoors Pvt. Ltd. The topic was, "How to turn your passion into successful business" The motto of this session was to help students to get better understanding of how theoretical knowledge can be put into practice in this ever-changing world.

The second guest lecture was held on 7.12.2019 and the guest speakers were Mr. Nirav Chaudhari, Director at Ginis Digital and Ms. Amita Agrawal, Marketing Communication Manager at Ginis Digital. The topic was, "Advertising and Branding". The motto of this session was to help students to get better understanding of how it is to work in the field of Advertising.

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