MarQuest – The Marketing Club of B. K. School of Professional and Management Studies takes pride in the legacy of this institute, founded in 1976 and sculpted to excellence over the course of time. The journey of every management student is like a river – it keeps polishing and sculpting every pebble and stone that falls in its course. The same way, we, management students, sculpt the institutes and organizations we associate with.

The word MarQuest refers to a Quest for delivering excellence in the field of Marketing. Three words define us and the work we do – Create, Communicate, Conquer! It is communicated in our slogan “Bringing the world of Marketing to you’. With the help of this club we aspire to deliver the best the subject of Marketing has to offer. To achieve the same, our team will focus on multiple fronts with a great sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and skill.

Creation of content, scouting opportunities for skill development and meaningful collaboration, planning activities for engaging the student communities, organizing workshops and live webinars, facilitating academic as well as non-academic resources for learning and development, promoting the rich legacy of this institute and the work we do through social media and putting this all in an aesthetically appealing form with the help of excellent design – these are the many facets that lies at the core of MarQuest.


MarQuest invites alumni as well as industry experts from various domains like Influencer Marketing, Branding, Digital Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Core Marketing, International Marketing, Strategy, Sales, and many more. Expertes from TCS, IRS, Amar Ujala, Fintelligents, Phillips, and other big management firms have visited our campus since lockdown. Below are some pictures and youtube links for the webinar.

Inter College Events

MarQuest is regularly organizing intercollege competitions like Quiz, Treasure Hunt, etc. on Dare2Compete Platform. We are receiving great responses as in Registration, views, and participants. Also some brands like Resplash India, Ananya Naturals have turned up for sponsorship for the inter college events.

College Activities

MarQuest regularly organizes activities like case study competitions, social media post competitions, creative advertisements, posters etc. for the students of B K School of Professional and Management Studies, Gujarat University. The Club is also willing to do live projects with the companies and brands on the marketing domains like branding, creative advertising, influencer marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Junior Heads