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Events @ B.K.

“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a progress, Working together is a success, & that’s what the world call as a Team. But, nurturing this togetherness for a lifetime, Is what we, the BKites believe...!”


It works as a magical pill to revitalize our souls and lays down a platform to express one’s extra- ordinary talent.


Renaissance is the flagship event of B. K. and this annual management cum cultural festival is held at B. K. School of Business Management in the months of spring.


Wondering what this post is about? It does not surprise me seeing a wrinkle on your forehead which is currently occupied with thoughts like what the crap is meant by ‘BKites’, ‘Garba’, or ‘Vrund’.


Enthralling beats and the tapping feet Mesmerizing eyes and the exhilarating smile, Exotic moves and the melodious voices Delicious meal and the revitalizing drinks, Wafting soul in the aromatic hall...


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