Placement Procedure

After 38 glorious years of enjoying the faith of the corporate world in our students as well as faculty, expressed through successful final placements and summer internships, B. K. School of Business Management looks forward to continuing the trend in its thirty ninth year.

Every year, reputed corporates are invited to the campus for summer internships and final placements. The placement brochure, accompanied by a softcopy containing detailed description of the school and its students would act as the recruiter’s guide.


Pre-Placement Talk

We welcome the companies to conduct their Pre-Placement Talk from the third week of September. This would provide the students with an opportunity to have an overview of the companies’ future plans, growth prospects, job opportunities and job profiles. On the other hand, it will help the company make its presence felt on the campus and attract fresh managerial talent.


Placement Proceedings

Companies interested in recruiting candidates for final campus placements may communicate in writing through the ‘Response Form’ provided with the brochure or send an e-mail to the placements team along with details such as preferred date for holding the selection proceedings, the modalities of the selection proceedings, shortlist of candidates, job profiles etc. The placement team would then co-ordinate with the companies and finalize placement schedules at mutually convenient dates.

Companies are requested to communicate the above details preferably within a week prior to the date on which they intend to hold the proceedings.

Companies are also requested to communicate their travel plans in order to facilitate reception and transportation facility from our side.


Summer Internships

The curriculum vitae of the first year students eligible for the upcoming summer placements are available in the brochure. Companies can address the students for final as well summer placements during their Pre-Placement Talk. The official period of summer training for the students would be 8-10 weeks in the gap of first year and second year.